Western Privilege

A western millennial…not to mention white and female. I should have nothing to complain about. Yet, here I am…with a big plate of depression and anxiety.

I have never been hard done by. I feel as though I don’t have the right to complain about one single thing in my life. There are people in this world, who face real struggle. Starvation, violence, war, homelessness, life threatening sickness, disabilities…things could be much, much worse…But, thinking about the worlds problems does not erratic my depression. It does not change the way I feel, unfortunately.

I’ve watched documentaries that say western civilization is the most unhappy in the world. I believe it. I feel as if I don’t get a real job I will not find success, I will not find happiness, I will not be at peace. Why is this so heavily imprinted in my mind…in all of our minds?

It makes me sick. Western privilege…having it all but feeling like you have nothing. Is starving of food worse than starving of love? of happiness? Is the term western privilege in itself a privilege?

Honestly, wtf.


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