Easy Dieting

I honestly believe the easiest way to maintain a healthy body is by how much we eat. Get that? How MUCH…not WHAT we eat. I have been practicing this method for many years now.

I eat whatever I want, I just make sure I don’t over eat. It’s amazing what the body can do. Its ability to process foods is much greater when we haven’t gone overboard.

I also enjoy this method of dieting, because it is better for the planet. When you consume less, you realize your body actually does just fine on less. And just like that, not only does your BMI improve, but your carbon foot print decreases. (Feel free to apply the consume less method in other areas of your life).

This is 100% the easiest route to maintaining a healthy body. Listen to what your body tells you. Eat when you are actually hungry, not because it is “dinner time.” And stop eating when you feel full. If you have difficultly determining fullness try drinking water between bites, chewing for 10-20 seconds, and cutting your meal in half – leaving a portion in the kitchen for later, if need be. I also like to ask myself, “do you need it? or do you just want it?”

It is also thought, that when we think about how we impact others, we are more likely to achieve our goals. So, when you are eating next time, think about how over eating impacts the planet in regards to pollution and waste. Think about the people who are literally dying for a large fry, and think about how that chocolate bar and bag of chips was produced to begin with…(wouldn’t be surprised if it included some unfair labor). Then think, if we all ate the appropriate amounts of food for our bodies, trying to opt for meals that are produced wholly by nature, the food industry would likely become less of a problem for the earth.

And, the best part is, at the end of the day, you reap all the benefits.


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