To The Boy Who Gave Me Herpes

I’m hesitant to call you a “Man” in the title, because I believe your actions prove that you are anything but a “Man.”

You claim to not have known you have herpes. And even though we did use a condom, the black-out night that I had sex with you, I still contracted your life long virus. (

When I got the lovely call from the doctor, confirming I had contracted your virus, I asked you if you have herpes. You said no…but also seemed extremely comfortable with the topic, mentioning to me its not a “big deal” and some people “never have symptoms.”

Hm. Two thoughts I would NEVER consider to be true, nor would I have ever known some people don’t have symptoms without doing research.

After I begged you to go to the doctor to confirm if you had the virus, weeks later you told me you went, and tested positive. You then proceeded to apologize IF you had given me the virus. Um, you already know YOU DID. After me, rightfully so, freaking out, and telling you that you better tell every woman you ever sleep with now…you blocked my number.

I want to believe you didn’t know, because what kind of monster has sex with people knowing they could be passing along a LIFE altering virus. But, unfortunately, your actions and my gut tell me otherwise.

I don’t want to feel all this negativity, because in the long run, it is just bad for my health. But, it makes me sick thinking you could still be passing along this virus, putting other woman through the pain and suffering I am going through now.

You seemed too knowledgeable and laid back about it, to having JUST been informed that you are positive…and the fact that I am now blocked from contacting you…doesn’t really lend hand to innocence. And if you were actually unaware, what kind of person blocks someone they gave herpes? You think you’d console them, and want to do whatever you could to make it easier for them…not block them…does anyone agree with this?

Anyways, I am a firm believer in Karma, and whether you knew or not, the degree of Karma you deserve will ALWAYS find you.

So, good luck, Rory. I guess all I can do now and should do now, is leave it in the hands of the Universe, and believe you will be rewarded with exactly what you deserve.


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