My View on Make-up

My favourite make-up advert is something along the lines of, “Mastering a killer no-makeup makeup look requires some, well, makeup.” Hm. Or you know, you could just NOT wear makeup! This makes me laugh.

I hate how we are all so brain washed into make-up. Honestly, its literal CRAP you are rubbing all over your face, for NO REASON. It is not good for you AND it is expensive as shit. Also, men are not pressured the way woman are to wear makeup. Men, don’t feel the need to cover blemishes…so why do woman? Why do we have to be “picture perfect?”

I stopped wearing makeup almost a year ago now. It has been amazing, truly life altering. I started wearing makeup when I was 12 years old. Now that I think about that, that is insane! I wore makeup for almost 9 years, feeling like I was my best self with a mask on. How insane. Not to mention the amount of money I must have spent in 9 years…holy fuck.

Anyways, not wearing makeup has been fucking fabulous. I’ve never felt better! I’ve saved a crap load of money, and have so much more confidence. When you don’t wear makeup, you literally worry less.

It is great, give it a try!


Sometimes I think life is just a Game

Sometimes, I think life is just a game. I feel like I’m stuck in a cycle of winning, and losing. It’s funny how life can be so glorious at times, and then so horrid at others.

If you’ve never experienced any horror in your life, you are amongst the lucky ones.

But, maybe if you have never experienced horror, you can never experience true happiness either. Like, to understand sadness, you must understand what happiness means first, and vice versa.

Anyways, I guess no one really knows. Because all we know, is basically what we humans have defined……….Sometimes, I find that strange.