Sometimes I think life is just a Game

Sometimes, I think life is just a game. I feel like I’m stuck in a cycle of winning, and losing. It’s funny how life can be so glorious at times, and then so horrid at others.

If you’ve never experienced any horror in your life, you are amongst the lucky ones.

But, maybe if you have never experienced horror, you can never experience true happiness either. Like, to understand sadness, you must understand what happiness means first, and vice versa.

Anyways, I guess no one really knows. Because all we know, is basically what we humans have defined……….Sometimes, I find that strange.



2 thoughts on “Sometimes I think life is just a Game

  1. I find what drives most lifeforms is simply the desire to avoid suffering.

    Scientists say your level of “happiness” does not increase once you after you make $75,000. The reason must be because that most causes of suffering can be “avoided” once you reach that level of income. Other people say money has no correlation with happiness and cite poor or indigenous people as proof of this. But, these people simply have less to worry about because they have less “stuff.” One could possibly conclude that if your basic needs are met, (think Maslow) “happiness” is virtually the same for everyone, but “basic needs” differ from culture to culture.

    Life could be described as a game, as you say, and the “winners” simply avoid most levels of suffering common to others.

    Lastly, you do not need to live through horror to experience happiness.

    You can live your whole life living happily in a mansion and never know what it is like to wash your own clothes, while other people wash their clothes every single day in the local river.

    Both can be equally happy, until they experience the other side of it. Ignorance is bliss.

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    • Thanks for your thoughts 🙂 I think my take on horror and happiness, is more or less, about depth of feelings. Definitely just my opinion though, and I totally agree people can be equally happy, and ignorance is 100% bliss!


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