I Stopped Wearing Deodorant

I’ve been wanting to give up conventional women’s deodorant for quite some time now. After watching numerous documentaries on how many awful chemicals are in deodorant, I decided when my Mum sent me an all natural deodorant, there was no better time to make the switch.

So, does all natural deodorant work? Yes and no. The scent is great (I use Sage Floral http://www.saje.com/ca/natural-deodorants/) and I love the refreshing feel it gives to my underarms when I spray it on…honestly it helps wake you up! And it armpits-thumb.jpgdefinitely works…if I’m not doing activities that work up a sweat, that is.

I also really enjoy how it naturally wears off, which may be a deterrent to some people, but I loved getting to know my bodies natural smell. At different times of the month, I noticeably smelt different. Not sure if this has something to do with a woman’s cycle, but nonetheless it was very cool to notice such a natural body process.

One day, I woke up and smelt awful…not just body odour after a long run awful, but genuinely stinky (may be a good time to mention I don’t have an overly powerful natural scent). Anyways, I did not smell good, and within a few hours I had come down with an awful cold! I then wondered if I would have paid more attention to my smell the days leading up, I could of prevented this cold…I’m going to assume, yes!

Sage Floral is the first natural deodorant I had ever tried, and I was really enjoying it! Until about a month after wearing it, I noticed at work, I did not smell very friendly, and as a waitress, you want to be as friendly as possible. So, I have unfortunately switched back to the chemical stuff 😦 . However! If I’m not working, I try to stick to my natural buddy. And in writing this post realized, maybe applying the natural one during my shift might help with the smell/sweat.

Overall though, an extremely positive experience and I totally encourage everyone to give it a try! Maybe soon, there will be a natural deodorant that can last through a sweaty serving shift…& let me know if you’ve found one, please!




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